The way to dispose of waste medicine is still not perfect – 저렴한 다이렉트 자동차보험

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Pharmacopoeia and health centers that collect and dispose of household events do not properly store waste drug collection boxes or notices.

The Korea Consumer Affairs Agency (KCPA) announced on Wednesday that it would deal with Seoul and Beijing. After investigating the collection of waste medicines at 120 pharmacies and 12 health centers in Gyeonggi Province, a preliminary decision was made on the collection box. In addition, the recovery manual and guidance on how to dispose of waste were insufficient. 저렴한 다이렉트 자동차보험

According to the policy on the management of harmful waste in the living world, waste used in family courts will be distributed to pharmacies and public health centers free of charge. Therefore, pharmacies and public health centers should notify the collection site and dispose of it. Recycle boxes are easily accessible by placing them in noticeable places.

However, according to a survey of 120 pharmacies, 110 pharmacies, or 91.7 percent, collected waste, while only 17 pharmacies, or 14.2 percent, collected waste. Only six places, or 5.0 percent, confirmed the announcement of collection guidelines.

Eleven of the 12 health centers received waste medicine from the public health center, while only one received waste medicine from the public health center, 33.3 percent of the public health center had a collection guidelines.8.3%。

The investigation also revealed the fact that it is being sold. In the case of generic medicines, there was no place to direct the prescription of discarded medicines to replicate medicines.

As a result of confirmation of the carrier of the waste medicine collected by the pharmacy, there were many cases where there were no clear regulations such as ▲direct transportation ▲ pharmacists’ association ▲ pharmaceutical company (sales staff) ▲ private contractor even within the same local government. In certain cases, the recovery cycle varies from pharmacy to pharmacy. 저렴한 암보험

Local governments direct household waste collected from 100% incineration waste bags to some pharmacies in the local government, and dispose of the discarded medicine through domestic waste bags.

On the other hand, the Consumer Affairs Agency pointed out that it is to raise the level of disposal. The Ministry of Health and Welfare and local governments need to standardize collection boxes and manuals for drug collection and disseminate them to pharmacies and health centers.

The Korea Consumer Affairs Agency said, “If discarded drugs are discarded, they will cause soil and water pollution, disrupt ecosystems, constantly expose antibiotics, spread multi-drug-resistant bacteria, and have a negative impact on human health.”Eun, there is a risk that medicine will be neglected and weakened at home”.

“We plan to settle this investigation,” the Korea Consumer Affairs Agency said. Based on the fruit, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Welfare, and the local government are required to prepare waste medicine recovery boxes and recovery guidelines, and to maintain pipes related to unused medicines.”We will draw up a bill to enact ordinances and strengthen education and public relations on waste chemicals,” he said. 비갱신형 암보험 추천해주세요

The amount of waste collected in France, which has been required to be returned since 2007, was 159 grams per year in 2018, but there was a big gap of 3.7 grams in the same year.