Stop all car travel packages…Restricted the sale of group tickets. 암보험 추천사이트

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Stop all car travel packages…Restricted the sale of group tickets.

Under the government’s special quarantine measures for the year-end and New Year holidays, all train travel products will be suspended from 24th to Jan. 3 next year.

24, all sea as well as goods traveling by train, including sunrise, according to the products of Korea Railroad train, tourist train to stop the operation of the gold train the West Sea, and Santa Train donghaeThere is a plan.

Booked train travel packages are fully refundable without commission.

The number of tickets purchased once per train will also be reduced from nine to four, and group tickets such as “Tomorrow 2.0” will be limited. Admission tickets to commemorate visits such as Jeongdongjin Station and Hwabon Station will not be sold.

Accordingly, the advance ticket reservations, itinerary adjustments and return to our customers expecting to send them text messages and guidance period, Jeongdongjin Station when released from the staff immediately follow the prompts. Must be moved out of history.

The parking lot of Jeongdongjin Station will also be closed from the 30th to January 3 next year, and the operation of the rail bike will be suspended for the same period.

An official of the Korea Railroad said, “As it is a measure to prevent the spread of Corona 19, we ask for the participation and cooperation of railway users.”

East Sea The train has already sold out.

Coming attractions closed as a high-strength, sunrise and the ban on more than five employees meeting 31 ktx to various parts of East Sea has mostly sold out. Concerns are rising that the spread of new coronavirus infections (Korona 19) from the Seoul metropolitan area may be breaking out.

According to the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) on the 28th, 11 of the 14 KTX flights from Seoul Station to Gangneung Station were sold out as of 4 p.m. on the 31st. All trains departing after 9 a.m. have been booked. For Jeong Dong Jin, to Donghae ktx 4 3, which is sold out of, respectively.

The same is true of major tourist attractions on the Gyeongbu line. The KTX, which leaves Seoul Station after 1 p.m. on the 31st, has all 30 flights booked. Nine KTX trains to Pohang have been sold out since 10 a.m. 암보험 추천사이트

Traincrew on confirmed passengers will also train Corona 19…Is it on the train?

The crew who worked on the train with confirmed cases of the new coronavirus (Korona 19) was also tested positive for Corona19, and attention is being paid to whether the radio waves are correct in the train.

If Corona 19 was spread inside the train, where both passengers and flight attendants were wearing masks and there would have been no physical contact, the aftermath is formidable.

According to the Daejeon Metropolitan Government and the Korea Railroad (Korail) on the 17th, an office worker of the Korea Railroad (Daejeon No. 676), who had been substituted for the past three weeks, was confirmed as Corona 19 the night before.